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Limited Edition Art Prints 

A Limited edition art print is a set number of prints that are produced up to that number.  i.e. If the Size of the edition is 2500  the artist will number the prints as 0001/2500 or 2300/2500.  The lower the number the more valuable the print.

 Open Edition Art Prints

 An Open edition art print is fine art prints that are produced with no limit.  Most open edition prints are more affordable.  It is up to the artist to offer a signed print, which raises the value.

 Direct From The Artist Print

A Direct from the artist or DFA prints are produced directly from the artist and not a professional printer or publisher.  These prints are also known as Giclee Prints. See below about Giclee Prints.  DFA prints can be printed as ordered.  Normally the term Made to Order will appear in the verbiage of the description about the artwork. This in turn, eliminates the third party processing of a hired professional printing company or publisher.  DFA is a low cost and preferred process for Made to Order projects. This method is used for multiple artwork forms such as prints, jewelry, note cards or decorating boxes.


 Giclee Prints

Giclee, a French word pronounced Zhee-clay, is a Fine art print produced from a digital source using inkjet or digital printers.  Giclee co-insides with the DFA prints that can also be used as an open edition print if the artist does not have the means to hire a professional printer.


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To get in touch, please use my online form www.dlthomasstudios.com/contact me. Due to influx of robo calls I can not provide a number before initial contact via e-mail.  Please, no solicitations.   This is for those who genuinly are interested in purchasing or learning more about my artwork.  Thank you for understanding.

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