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I chose to include a Creative Writing section in my web site because it is a form of art.  There will be times where I may share some of my poetry or actual Dreams N Visions and commentaries.  Dreams and Visions are dated and some most recent.  Some are clearly troubling and give warning.  I especially welcome  you will give me your view on what you think they mean.  


In the segment "A Time to Pray" I have included prayers for encouragement, edification, direction and sometimes warning.  With our nation under distress, many have come to pray.  We are at a point in history where God is at a point of making things happen.  Either He will lift His hand of protection from us entirely or with our prayers wait. 


In Revelation 8 when the 7th seal is opened and the trumpets are about to blow by seven angels you find... 8:3-6 "Then another angel, having a golden censer, came and stood at the alter.  He was given much incense, that he should offer it with the prayers of all the saints upon the golden alter which was before the throne.  And the smoke of the incense, with the prayers of the saints, ascended before God from the angel's hand.  Then the angel took the censer, filled it with fire from the alter, and threw it to the earth.  And there were noises, thunderings, lightnings, and an earthquake.  So the seven angels who had the seven trumpets prepared themselves to sound."


Who among us will pray the last prayer before God moves?  Our nation is experiencing a revival with the youth.   Franklin Graham has asked for us to pray for our nation.  I have included some of my prayers and others.  Please help Franklin Graham during this pilgrimage in all the states and prayer for our nation and all the leaders who govern each district and community.





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