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November 22, 2016


Yesterday I just completed a Christmas painting.  It is Called "Reason for the Season".  I originally just used left over paint and brushed it on a canvas.  Another day went by, correcting a flaw from another project and again, I transfer left over paint to the canvas.  Most of the colors were green and red.  I started painting circles of red then green and back and forth again and again....   More highlights of lighter red or lime green then white and an ornament appears.  There was a dark corner.  What a great place to put a nativity scene.  It was a little obscured but spoke volumes.  Found my stamps!  Gold snow flakes, different snow flakes here and there.....  and my stamp that tells the whole story.    Jesus the reason for the season.   Painting completed.  Oh God, Only you can make something out of nothing! Thank You Jesus!




November 14, 2016


The election is over and we now have a president elect Trump coming into office. There has been riots and melt downs in communities and at schools over the nations decision. Kids pelting fellow students over the head in such a mean spirited and hateful way. Almost to a rage of wanting death. Really??? It is ok for one to have freedom to vote their way and not the other? Really?? Has it come to this? What will you do when we have a real crises? Will you crawl in a fetal position and cry or will you pull your boot straps up and fight? Woe to America if all we have is the cup cake generation to save us!


It was bad enough that the race was so shameful because of the words used or the lies and accusations, not to mention the obvious corruption oozing up from the past through many offices. I witnessed on social media all the anger of so many people that it brought them to the point of shooting their TV's. Politicians have found a new way to make you feel ashamed of your own country.


Today is the Super Moon. I have heard many things happened with the Super Moon like Israel becoming a Nation in 1948. I have also heard that President Obama could try to get Israel to take their borders back to 1963 and if there is a divide in Israel so shall it be in America. Politicly we are divided. Let us hope we can try to get along and an earthquake doesn't happen.


Being an independent I didn't care too much who got in, at least up until the real issues were voiced and what the candidate stood for. It is good to see a little bit of sanity and calm. Hillary conceded gracefully and Trump appears to have been humbled by this whole thing. Having the Nation and worldly matters on your shoulder will do that. There is a atmosphere like exhaling with relief that maybe it won't be so bad. Compromise has already started and it almost looks as though God might give America one last chance to get this country back on track. Maybe the wrath of God will be delayed.


We now have for the first time that I can remember, a one party controlled government. We still need each other to build it back to the values we should have and the wealth of being able to give aid to those in need. Instead of crying and fighting about what we should of done or could of done, lets get together and support our new president elect by being active in other offices. Send your advise on issues and most of all pray for all our government officials. God has raised them up for a time like this. Trust in God that He knows what He is doing.


November 14, 2016 is the SuperMoon


Check out this article.  Interesting perspective.



November 9, 2016  


One day this year I heard it was the year of Jubilee.  I predicted this year the Cubs would win the World Series.  They did in deed win the World Series.  I whitnessed a millionaire win a presidential election against a woman who was a former Secretary of State.  The million-air won.  I believe this year my web site will get more hits.  OK maybe not so many hits, but maybe we will all get restoration from what the locus has eaten in previous years.  Does that mean my art work will sell at the Christmas Walk in Chester, IL?  I don't know.  I can only hope.  This is a year of Jubilee and I can only hope that maybe this year, someone will appreciate my work.  Maybe someone will notice all the me's in America who have gone unnoticed.  Faith.  What a grand thing it gives in you called Hope.  






"He who remains in this city shall die by the sword, by famine, and by pestilence; but he who goes out and defects to the Chaldeans who besiege you, he shall live, and his life shall be as a prize to him.
Jeremiah 21:9
Read this verse and think about the state of this great nation. Many people (even Christians) are saying that there is no real choice in this upcoming presidential election. Nothing could be further from the truth! Now, all you followers of Jesus Christ take a moment and ask God to open your heart. Okay...read this verse from Jeremiah again. Look, Jerusalem was surrounded. There was no hope of deliverance. Women were cooking there own babies in order to stay alive because Nebuchadezzer had surrounded the city and was patiently waiting for a surrender of the Jews. The Jews had two choices and neither was appealing (I know that part sounds familiar to some of y'all); stay in the city and slowly starve to death OR walk out and surrender to the king of Babylon and take their chances that he was in a good mood.
Along comes Jeremiah and a word from the LORD. Stay with what you have, with what you have put up with for so long...and die...OR defect to the chaldeans (Babylon) and live.
In this election where it truly seems there is no hope, there is no worthy candidate, I believe God has given the church and America the same choice that He gave Jerusalem...only with a 2016 twist; keep voting for the same old same old....and die. OR, vote for a ruthless king (isn't that what many of you believe Mr. Trump to be?) who will allow this nation to live. I can't see God blessing us if we continue voting for a party that allows same-sex marriage, allows innocent life to be slaughtered and the poor to be used as pawns to be exploited. BUT...I can see Him using a man who may be less than godly to turn a nation around.To give us a chance to live.
Now, once more; READ THIS VERSE. Pray and ask the Lord who gave us our freedom in the first place what are we to do in order to live. As for me......
Defect to the unknown. Don't cling to what YOU KNOW IS WRONG. This could very well be our last chance.


This 4th of July weekend we went to see our friends, Common Ground Ministries, who were in town for the St. Louis event.  This year was different.  The atmosphere on Sunday during worship was electrical and when healing happened you could feal a waive of warm energy in the air that made me have trouble keeping my balance while standing.  The youth were on fire and the testimonies were mind boggleing.  Pastor Mike opened up Life Church in Fairview and accomodated the whole group from many cities and states to shelter and feed the group of deciples.    It was a blessing to have them. 


Recently I saw a movie called the "Green Lantern". For those who do not know this fictional movie I can brief you. The planet had Immortals who were highly intelligent and very ancient and creator of everything on their planet. There was a creature that fed on fear and one of the Immortals thought they could overcome it but instead was consumed and became the creature.


I am only telling you this because this morning I had a dream. I will only tell you the basis as it is very long. Mostly the dream was about people who were discouraged of what was happening to them and they couldn't get out of the rut they were in and didn't even try because they were afraid it wouldn't do any good. In the dream I asked if there were women of faith in the room. NO ONE rose their hand! So I began to evangelize and told them "We are going to lift this situation to the God who knows us, to the God who understands what is going on, to the God who sees each and everyone of our situations, to the God that can make it right..... as I spoke hope entered into their hearts and smiles came on their faces. Then I woke up.


So I am sending everyone who reads this a message. Especially those who have been discouraged by what they see on TV and the state of our Country and our World. Take all your concerns to the Most High God! He is in complete control of your situations that you are experiencing. He can show you how to overcome. You are not alone. I pray that God will Open your eyes and your heart and show you the horses and chariots of fire all around the children of God as it was in the days of Elisha. I pray that the Holy Spirit will rain down on all of this country to the darkest area of spirit and break through the spirit of fear with the spirit of hope. I call all who read this that your heart will be quickened with encouragement to embolden you to reach out to anyone around you who needs guidance back to our Loving Father in heaven. You must stop waiting for someone else to fix it. You must stop wishing someone else will take care of what is wrong with the world and step up. God Created You to do something about it! We are the children of the most High God and it is time for us to rise up and take charge of this situation.

I praise you God for guarding our hearts and protecting our country. Thank you Lord for penetrating the darkest of hearts and opening up the spirit that is in each and every one of us at birth. Thank you for awakening Your children to take action and a revival in the name of Jesus, Amen




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