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My dream in October 2018 has been on my mind to the point of not accepting what I thought it meant in Deuteronomy 28:8.   It had to be more specific.  So, I waited and I watched and I listened for the answer. 


One evening I went to bed early and started watching some of my favorite shows on recording.   I was watching Perry Stone of Manifest and he was talking about the Hebrew words for numbers and there meaning. In his show it was about the Jewish year 5779 and it’s Hebrew meaning in words.   


My dream was wanting to be with Jesus really bad to the point that I saw Him sitting in front of me.  There was white all around and His right side was toward me.  He was wearing a white robe with a red sash or robe draped across his left shoulder.   I saw Him writing mathematical equations and it looked like calculus or a higher form of math. Then I saw the final number answer was 288.


In every Christian man or woman, there was a time where they lived for self, achieved for self, ultimate goal was for self. Then a time in your life when you realize or question whether there has to be more to life than this. Many have fallen to the bottom and rise up when you realize you need God. Some are hardened and no longer hear God and don’t believe at all.   


It is never too late to turn around and start all over. God is speaking to us to return to Him. You need to “Listen”.


I used to own a ton of Encyclopedias and still didn’t have the latest information of what I would try to find.  I had to go to Google on this. So glad for Google. I did find a site that didn’t include metaphysical, astrology or mystic cultic garbage.  Mark H. Lane explained a lot with Hebrew meanings of numbers in www.biblenumbersforlife.com  Mark does not claim to be 100% accuracy but helped with my understanding in giving his translations of Hebrew numbers into words.  Hebrew numbers 200, 80, 8.


200 = Resh or Raysh "Lions Mouth"; 80 = Pey or Pay "Prayer"; and 8 = Khet or Chet "Celebration".


200 – the 20th Hebrew letter   Resh "Lions Mouth".  Rabbis picture Resh as Leader, Christians picture Resh as The Head - Human Reason.  Symbol shows an empty head.  “Head full of emptiness.”  Root of Resh is Division of Holy Flock.  God is talking here folks! This Lions Mouth is a roaring Lion and is not God.  It is the enemy causing division in the church.    2 = division, 10=Testimony,  20 =Distress,  100=Holy Flock,

200 = Division of Holy Flock


80 – the 17 Hebrew letter   Pey.  , "severe test", or "struggle of faith". 8 can mean "new beginning" or "wall of separation". Spiritual number is 17 = Victory. "testimony of a new man" 8= New Man x 10= Testimony; 4=Message x 20=Distress;

2=Break Apart (Divide) x 40 = Struggle of Faith (Trials). 

Don't be separate from God. If you die and don't believe God loved us so much that He sent His only Son to pay for our sins then you will get your wish. He will not force anyone to know Him or Love Him. This is your choice. If you do not want to have anything to do with Him, beware, He will be sure to give you exactly what you want. An eternity of separation from Him.


8  - the 8th Hebrew letter       Khet =  New Beginnings. Rabbis picture Khet as a Fence.  Christians Picture Arch of Celebration. Modern letter displays straight line between Vav and Zayin. Symbol of Arch Vav meaning is ‘Man’ and Zayin meaning ‘ Sword of Justice.  Combination of Vav and Zayin: Man Untouched by the Sword of Justice! 

Classical Hebrew script Arch joined in peak at the top.            

It almost appears as two people raising their hands in celebration.  We know that this is a time of Celebration as Jesus paid the price of our sins.

Khet represents the outward signs of the inward renewal


Together 288 means "Make Restitution!"

In the Christian circle, many are excited and feel the day is coming when Jesus will return in this generation.


April 17, 2018

I had a dream this morning. There was a dinner planned and many showed up. I looked up and a car full of guest began to leave. They were so hungry and couldn't wait any longer. I tried to stop them and shouted wait, it is almost done! But they left. Reminds me of the great feast to come and how many people are hungry for the truth. So many leaving the church to find the bread of life. Me shouting "Wait, it is almost done" tells me the time is so very near. Don't give up looking for the truth. God is waiting for you to ask Him into your life and come to His banquet.

July 17, 2015

Two end-time dreams given on air by caller CJ  prior to when ISIS came on the scene on the air with Evangelist Anita Fuentes in Oklahoma.  Warning against the church that will shake you up!  



Perry Stone Ministries

PROPHETIC ALERT: Some time back I saw a Tsunami strike the east coast. In this one dream as the wave formed I saw the Twin Towers ghostly rise from the sea and vaporize in the air. I felt it could be a terrorist attack with explosives as I saw a huge bridge collapsed. I saw a green sign that said "Charleston." (S.C.). Without her knowledge of this dream, Monday, one of my youth dreamed of a major terror attacks that occurred in Charleston, killing a massive number of people, initiated by ISIS agents. The dream was so parallel that I felt I should post this and ask every to pray for and attack to be EXPOSED! We have authority to pray and our prayers can changed circumstances. If you live in or near this area, begin binding the forces of darkness and ask God to expose these sleeper cells. These were bombs and not just guns. Report any suspicious activity to authorities and as they do in Israel, stay away from any backpack, package or object that are left lying around by themselves. It will take God's protection to prevent these types of attacks. One high level military person told me these Islamic terror agents have poured into the country through the borders under this administration and are in every state. I normally never share a location, but this was not a coincidence but a confirmation. Please repost this immediately to everyone for prayer.

China at our Port

A friend of mine sent me this dream a man had and later this happened in Jacksonville, Florida from 11/3/2015 - 11/7/2015.  Check it out.  http://z3news.com/w/sudden-attack-chinese-dragon/

After I checked it out I went into my own dream journal, as it reminded me of my dreams.

On 3-4-11 I dreamed of a warning of Rapture Near.  There were groups of people every where you looked gathered together.  There were 3 bright lights in the sky and what sounded like angelic choir of song.  Know one knew what it was & dismissed it.  I stepped up to tell them what I thought.  They listened but some didn't believe of the coming rapture.  They put more interest in the new program the government put out.  There was a child telling a joke 7 years about or 6 years old and profanity came out of his mouth.  I went over and slapped his face & scolded him for saying it.  Then I began proclaiming about my God being the creator of all things, Jehovah Jiireh, Almighty God, My Counselor, Savior, King of Kings, Lord of Lords......  I told them they needed to be prepared for Jesus return.  Some listened and some went back into their program book the Government put out.  There were Asian men in the group.

3/7/11  Was watching the city sky line and the city being blown up.  Don't know what city.  It was night & I didn't see the arch.  (Was that a reference to the dream or was it an observation that may have helped me identify the city?)   I Got hold of Cindy and Dale (Pastor & Wife) and they showed up to the area they had a large tent for members.  Asked how the tent was, Dale said weak.  Buck & I were trying to gather as much blankets and I was even looking at curtains as help to shelter from cold.  Seemed like we were all trying to grab only stuff we could survive with.   

Note:  On 3-11-11 I wrote about the news that Japan suffered an 8.9 to 9.1 earth quake that had Tsunamis that took out many areas & part of Hawaii.  The cost of California & Oregon had some damage too. 



October 23, 2015  Post frome Believeacts2's Blog

End time dream you must check out.  Permission was granted by the author to share.

Unfortunately the first address showing the October 23, 2015 blog post kept showing that it has failed.  You can not get to the web site directly below.  You will then have to scroll to the date stated above.




February 11, 2009 Serpent

Dreamed my husband and I were living in a house shared with 3 men.  My husband realized a black truck from a company "State" dropped off an envelope.  He ran out the door into the car to catch them as they went down the drive way.  I tried to run after him before he left but I was too late because I had a dog and men and chairs in my way.

When I did go outside I noticed there were 3 cars left in the drive way but none of them were mine.  I looked down and saw something moving in the dirt.  It looked like the begining sprigs of an iris plant coming up only it was pale yellow and had more fronds.  About 5 or more.  The fronds kept moving and the dirt started shifting.  Then there was a cave under the dirt but what appeared to be something just under the surface.  It was shaking the dirt away from its body.  It came out.  It was a large serpant and it was trying to come after me!  I kept trying to block its bite with my purse then I began to run around the house to get away from it.  While in the first side of the house I looked back and saw it was following my scent.  So the other 3 sides I ran above the dirt about 3 inches off the ground.  

When I came back around I looked up and saw the serpant going up the trunk of a tree.  It was as though I was given the special ability to see where the serpant was.  Then I saw it on a branch moving away.  It was around spring time as there were new growth all around. 

October 19, 2008  Signed documents

Had another re-occuring dream of a man behind a desk signing documents which were not brought before the people or Congress.  It was taking our rights and liberties away. 


Coment 8/16/2015  Our president has been oversteping his authority and going around congress by doing a multitude of executive orders. 

August 08, 2008 Dream of Consentration Camp

The power plant where I live wasn't realy a power plant.  When I questioned the guy in charge (dark complected with black hair) a woman started answering my questions and was brutally stifled and then some men were ordered to kill the people inside the fense and were mowed down with machine guns.

August 14th 2015 Received a strange and bizzar internet article about FEMA camps.  I am not saying this will have any bearing to the dream I had in 08 but I am questioning why FEMA is doing anything that would be resembling a home land security or potential prison camp.


September 26, 2005  Jesus returning in the sky

Saw the clouds in the sky accumilte like I was watching a fast forward weather patern and in the mist of the clouds was Jesus coming back as He promised.


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