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Of late I have noticed a great deal of news that is bleeding into the prophecies foretold in the Bible.  So when I start coming across these articles, I will be happy to share them.  


Revelation 12


There was a sight on You Tube around the time of the August 2017 Eclipse.  I no longer can get into it because they took it down.  So I will attempt to explain what I read.


On September 23, 2017 the alignment on the horizon of Israel showed the Moon and the Sun.  If memory serves me right you could not see the constelation Virgo or Leo because it was in the day.  If you go out into the soloar system you would see that at the feet of Virgo (Also known as the Virgin) was the moon and at her head were 12 stars / and Sun.  Leo apparently has only 10 stars but there were two other planets that moved into the constelation giving the impression of 12.  There is also a constelation of Draco (The Dragon) facing the constelation Virgo and it takes up 1/3 of the sky.  


I think it said during 90 days, the planet Jupiter was inside the belly of Virgo until the 23rd of September when it came out. 


Just read Revelation 12 and come to your own conclusion.





December 9, 2017 Prophecy by Ryan Lestrange


December a month of Supernatural Deployments


I have been of late wanting to change directions in my life and I know personally many that I am in contact already started re-directing their life.  I got this on my cell phone from Charisma news.  Let me tell you it is worth reading as there is a lot of stuff going on.  Also I just got done reading  Revelation 12 and remembered in September of this year the alignment of the constelations that happened exactly like Revelation 12 discribed in Israel. 










The above address will take you to this article about Super Moon in November 14, 2016

You can also connect and read other articles pertaining to prophecies.



On November 14th, something extraordinary is going to happen. On that date we will witness the closest full moon that we have seen since 1948. Known as a "supermoon", this full moon will happen just six days after the U.S. presidential election. 
If you look up into the night sky on November 14th, you will notice that the moon appears to be much bigger and much brighter than usual. 
Could it be possible that there is some special meaning to the biggest supermoon in almost 70 years? 
The last time we witnessed a supermoon of this size Israel become a nation, and as you will see below, many believe that the last couple months of 2016 could have historic significance for the Jewish people as well.
Do you remember ever seeing the moon so big in the sky that you felt that you could almost reach up and grab it? Well, on the 14th you may feel that way again. According to CNN, supermoons typically "appear to be 14% bigger and 30% brighter than other full moons".
And without a doubt, what we are about to witness is an extremely rare event. The last time that a supermoon was this close to our planet was in 1948, and it won't happen again until 2034...
The November full moon is not only the closest full moon of 2016, NASA said, but also the closest full moon since 1948 (which is still the last time the Cleveland Indians won the World Series).
This is one you might want to watch out for: The full moon won't come this close to Earth again until Nov. 25, 2034, NASA says.
But even though this is a highly unusual event, does that mean that it must have some sort of a special meaning?
Of course not, and the truth is that I don't know if this giant supermoon holds any special significance.
However, before we dismiss this phenomenon completely, let's remember what the Bible has to say. In the Scriptures, we are told that God intended the moon to serve as a "sign" from the very beginning. The following is what Genesis 1:14 says in the Modern English Version...
And God said, "Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be signs to indicate seasons, and days, and years."
And Jesus told us that there would be "signs" in the sun and the moon just prior to His return. The following is what Luke 21:25-26 says in the Modern English Version...
25 "There will be signs in the sun and the moon and the stars; and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring; 26 men fainting from fear and expectation of what is coming on the inhabited earth. For the powers of heaven will be shaken.
So clearly the Bible tells us that the moon can serve as a sign.
But is that happening in this case?
I don't know, but just like as in 1948, it appears that something very significant may be about to happen concerning the nation of Israel.
Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal published an article entitled "Obama's Israel Surprise?" which warned that Barack Obama "may try to force a diplomatic resolution for Israel and the Palestinians at the United Nations" before the end of his term.
The options that Obama is reportedly considering include "a resolution formally recognizing a Palestinian state". The following comes from CNS News...
The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday that according to administration sources, "the White House has asked the State Department to develop an options menu for the president's final weeks."
It said the possibilities could include supporting - or not vetoing - a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements; or a resolution formally recognizing a Palestinian state, or setting "parameters" for a final settlement of the long dispute.
If you follow The Most Important News on a regular basis, then you already know that I have been warning about this over and over and over again in recent months. Barack Obama knows that this is his last chance to "leave a legacy" in the Middle East, and at this point the only chance that he has to get something accomplished is at the United Nations.
Obama's last day in office is scheduled to be January 20th, and so he is up against a deadline. Prior to the election he was likely extremely hesitant to make a move because he didn't want to mess up Hillary Clinton's chances, but after the election there won't be anything holding him back.
Perhaps that is why the Obama administration recently told the Palestinians to wait until after the election for something to get done at the UN...
On the surface, the latest message to the Palestinian Authority from the Obama administration is no different from the past two decades of American policy: the U.S. will veto any resolution attacking Israel or demanding Palestinian independence without them first making peace with the Jewish state. 
But, as Haaretz reported, there was one significant caveat to the warning. They were told not to push for any such resolution until after the presidential election next month.
The rest of the UN Security Council has been ready to pass a resolution formally establishing a Palestinian state for a long time. The only thing holding it back has been the U.S. veto power.
So right now the fate of the land of Israel is in Barack Obama's hands, and he only has until January 20th to make his final decision.
If we do see the land of Israel divided at the United Nations, so many of the things that I talk about in my new book are going to start happening in rapid succession. 
When we divide their land, our land will be divided as well, and so let us hope that nothing happens at the UN Security Council before the end of Obama's term.
We truly do live in ominous times, and the events of the next several weeks are going to tell us a lot.
I have previously described the period of time leading up to January 20th as "the danger zone", and so much could potentially go wrong during this period of time.



Read more at http://www.prophecynewswatch.com/article.cfm?recent_news_id=784#PiryfFkhE86YrWTs.99


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