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Lindsey, Nigel and Jake

Miracle on 10-10-10

Several weeks prior to October 10, 2010, Pastor Dale had given each person in the church an envelope with a $10.00 bill.  He asked each and everyone to listen to the Holy Spirit and let Him lead us on whom to give the money to.  When people started writing in their testimony of who they gave their money to, it was posted on the back of the church bulletin for everyone to read the next Sunday morning.


Several weeks went by and we did not think we would ever find the person the Lord wanted us to give our $10.00 to.  Just prior to the 10th we almost gave the money to a woman with one blind eye at a thrift store.  I spoke to her for awhile and stepped away to talk to my husband asking if this was who I was supposed to give my $10.00 to.  When we turned to give it to her she was gone.  We thought it was time but this was not a Divine meeting so we waited longer.


On October 10, 2010 we had left church to meet with a man who was letting me take pictures of for a painting I was doing.  I met Kevin at the local Eckerts Orchards one day and knew he was the one I needed to use as "Jesus" in my painting “Jesus Directs the Fisherman”.  We struck up a conversation and I learned he actually played "Jesus" in a play at a local church.  


After the photo shoot we headed back to Marissa.  We just came close to the Moto Mart in Freeburg when my husband pulled over.  He saw a young couple with a dog sitting on the sidewalk with a sign saying "Carbondale or Bust."  Normally we don't recommend picking up hitch hikers but there was something about this day.


I didn't even see them or the sign when we drove by, so when they got into the car I asked them where they were going.  When I heard Carbondale I immediately thought of our friend Karl Stein who lives there.  We learned Lindsey and Nigel were hitch-hiking across America to see every state of the Union.


I spoke about how God put my husband and I together and other stories of how God was directing our lives. Asked if they have a home church and Lindsey mentioned about being raised Baptist.


I questioned why Nigel didn't talk very much and she said he had a very bad sore throat. He possibly had strep.  So I told them that our friend Karl lives in Carbondale and God has given him the gift of healing.  I promised them that when I got home I would call him so he can meet us when we take them to Carbondale. I don't think either one believed me when I told them that God will heal Nigel.


After talking to the kids on the way to our house, I felt led to give them the envelope in the visor. Nigel, the young man accepted it graciously.  The kids were very pleased for the money and the ride.  We could tell they were in need of a bath as it was very hot that day and both of them and the dog had an air about them. I asked them if they had anything to eat and learned they had not eaten since yesterday morning.  So we invited them to have supper with us and we offered them our bathroom to take a shower and our washer and dryer to clean their dirty clothes.


While I went upstairs to find Karl's business card, Buck talked to the kids and felt led to have me give them the other envelope.  I called Karl ahead of time and asked him to meet us because the young man had a very bad sore throat and needed healing.  He was happy to meet us at Wal Greens.


By the time we arrived in Carbondale Nigel was really feeling bad and needed to go to the hospital into emergency.  He had been coughing up stuff and his throat was swelling shut.  When we arrived at Wal Greens Nigel sat outside and was leaning against a pole with his eyes closed.  Buck told me to go in and buy some throat lozenges for him.  While I went in, Karl came and looked at Nigel asking if he was the one who needed healing, where it hurt, how long it had been going on and began to pray over Nigel's throat.  Nigel's eyes got as big as saucers and said, "It doesn't hurt anymore!"  He was completely healed!  Karl went on his way and we drove them to the park to meet up with their friends. 


Nigel was a different person, chattering like a parrot in a tree.  When we got to the park we prayed over the two and their dog Jake.  We gave Nigel a New Testament Bible and parted ways after a huge hug from both of them watching them squeal in excitement when they met up with their friends. Oh the stories they must have told to their friends that night. 




During our visitors stay this Rainbow Giro copter flew overhead.  I always remember the promise of God when I see a rainbow.


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