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You've Got a Friend

You've Got a Friend    Acrylic 7-7-2020


It was a Facebook posting. A long-ago picture of happy times with her daughter walking her puppy in a subdivision.   Her mommy mentioned she was in the hospital one day when James Taylor’s daughter also was in the same hospital.  He came into the room with his guitar and played a song to her.  Her mommy couldn’t remember the song but it was a bitter sweet memory of kindness as they both shared a common trial.  I had later seen a picture of her in a wheel chair about the same age.  She told me that she did pass away.  I didn’t ask her on why the little girl died or her name as she seemed reluctant to talk about the painful memory.


On July 9th, I was scrolling through Facebook and found a post from my friend.  She posted a picture of clouds with climbers.  A saying on the picture “I wish I could climb up to Heaven to give you a hug and tell you how much I love and miss you.”  She posted this Happy Birthday in Heaven message on July 7, 2020.  I wept.



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