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7-10-20  I have not been able to paint for some time.  The creativity has been coming out in my new found joy of making jewelry and rings. I have been blessed with many tools for this art and finally progressed my learning to silver and gold.  Most recently I felt a pressing to get a painting of a little girl completed.  You can read about that painting in the Gallery section title "You've Got a Friend".  I have been writing in my journal, some of which I share on this web site.  Look at the dreams I had.  Just an FYI, I have been diagnosed with macular degeneration of the eyes.  They are getting to the point that if the doctors can not help me, I will be unable to see to paint anymore or do jewelry.  I will be putting many supplies up for sale soon.  Most will be porch pick ups due to Covid 19.  All appointment only.  I am not interested in mailing anything out anymore. So with that, stay safe and cool.  Thank you for your interest. 


Latest projects added are from Pastel classes and Wall Murals.  You will see the pictures from the classes added in the Gallery section.  The Wall Murals are in Mixed Media section.  Please keep watching for my latest dream of seeing Jesus.


Commentary about the Eclipse of the Sun August 21, 2017



Upcycled cigar box into Ring Box

Latest art project are Bullet necklace/bracelet set - Brass wire wraps - Silver and silver rose gold wire wraps

Happy New Year to everyone!  May 2017 be joyful, promising and filled with hope.  


Come visit Chester Illinois in October 2016 - Shown above I have displayed are the original "Neuschwanstein Castle" at the Chester Public Library, the original "Chicago Night Lights" at Buena Vista Bank and "Retreat"  at Reid's Harvest House.    Also in Sparta's Lollies Cafe I have displayed other prints and paintings (Not shown here)


Basic Value class

Advance Still Life Class

New creative writing section in Mixed Media called Testimony.  Will be posting Miracles.

We need a lot of that these days.




Alot of imagination and alot of creation going on the last half of Polymer clay class.  Great work!


Polymer Clay Class April 2016

Teaching a Polymer Clay class in Chester, IL.  Second half of class this Thursday April 14th.  Everyone creating their own thing.  Lots of different designs, lots of different ideas.  Fun time for all.  Pictures of final artwork coming soon.

Popped a sunset from 2015 with Glow Paint

What a difference glow paint does to your pictures.  Had fun with this.  It has been raining and glummy all day and I needed a little color.  Hope you like this. 


Web Site Under New Construction

To all my followers, friends and artisans,

I am in the process of re-designing my Web Site to make products more available to the public.  Also I will be re-designing back drop pictures.  This will be an on going thing and may take a while. Please be patient if something is not readily available as I work with that page. 


Deborah     2/5/2016

Milk Urn Project

Almost done with a Milk Urn Project.  This was a gift for my husband.  Because of the death of his father in December and our having Christmas at our house, I had to post pone finishing his gift.  The rest of his family was able to enjoy their gift from the images I took from the urn.  I added my husband in a 4 Wheeler and added black light paint so when you turn the lights off and the black light on it would look like night time.  Had fun doing this.  I did take the wording off and put it on the rim at the top of the picture in glow paint.  Here is the almost finished project without the new changes. If anyone is interested in me doing a picture of their house or another project with glow paint, let me know the details and I can give you an estimate.  Understand the price will be much less if you provide a milk urn already prepared for the paint. 


With the Hosting of Christmas this year and resent death, I have closed Etsy until further notice.  Will do paintings and jewelry on commission and open shop back up for the reserved pieces only.  Thank you for your support and have a Merry Christmas!

Slide show and story behind Joy's Vision is complete.

Please check out my Mixed Media section for newest dream entry in the creative writing section.   10-26-15



Chicago Night Lights

Here is a progect I finally edited enough for print.  I am still concidering re-doing the photograph so right now I can't make it available to the public.  This picture was taken about 1992.  I had started painting it and became overwelmed with all the lights on the buildings.  Then I had to straighten up the shore line.  19 years from begining to end.  

  Hope you like it.

October 2015

Artist of the Month

This is my month for displaying artwork through Mississippi Valley Art Guild in Chester, IL.  I have The Woman at the Well in Buena Vista Bank; Road to Emmaus and The Meeting Place at the Reids Harvest House; Evening Glory and Secret Place at the Library.  Hope Everyone enjoys them.  Anyone who would like to purchase one or more of these, please contact me. 


1st & 2nd Amendment Jewelry


At the show in Chester I will be selling my Amendment Jewelry.  Now selling on Etsy.  https://www.etsy.com/your/shops/DLThomasStudios/tools/listings/246977860


You can view my comment also in commentaries. Mixed Media/Creative Writing/Commentary




New line of Paintings

I made up my mind that because of the recent events in our nations history and the horrible management of our government, it would be more important for as many people to see the dreams and visions that are begining to pop up.  I will be doing a series of dreams and vision paintings that will also include the prophecies of the Bible in Revelation.  I only hope I have enough time.  8/16/2015

Latest painting that I am working on is from a vision an aquaintance of mine had in 2009.  This particular painting has already been modified a great deal.  My struggle with this is I did not have the vision and I am having to rely on someone else and their memory.  I am also using the Bible for a lot of what I am not sure of.  

Just entered some old dreams from 2008 and 2009.  Some may be a premanition of a future event.  Check them out in the Creative Writing section.


Upcoming New Pages

I am working on a couple new pages to my web that will allow me to show my personal studies/tributes to other artist and a Creative Writing section.  When I was in highschool, I took a creative writing class that allowed me to write poetry, verse, stories.  The only difference with the creative writing section is there will be times where I will use it as a commentary section.  I will also be printing my dreams and visions.  I mean real dreams and visions.  Not the pipe dreams.  You will see my first commentary soon called "Making It Clear".  It is more like a sermon. You have the  liberty to read it or not.  Hope you like it.  



The Woman at the Well


The Woman at the Well


July 24, 2015  I completed the painting July 22, 2015 and you can now view the slide show.  Notice how the whole painting changed after I added the oil.




July 20, 2015  I have already changed the painting The Woman at the Well.  I took out the back ground boulders and I made the deciples different.  Thinking of adding something in the sun.  You may have to buy the print to see that.  Because I have begun the oil on this picture, each change takes longer to dry.  Do not have a clue when this will finally be dated.


I signed the painting on July 10th, 2015.  Painting will sit and dry before I tweek it with a couple shadows and light.  Most of it is done, especially Jesus face.  I used my nephews face as a guide.  When it is completed I will date it and post a slide show.  For anyone who has been following my progress as an artist, you may remember I had this as an ongoing project before.  The image I posted no longer exist.  The whole painting was painted over as I had a painters block & tried to paint anyway.  I ruined it.  Had to start all over.  So here is an unedited and almost complete #2 The Woman at the Well.


"Evening Glory" - Millstadt Eckerts Orchard 


Go into Gallery to learn more.


MVAG has members teaching art classes in Chester.  Member, Pastor Florence Parker has offered to use her church (Faith Family in Chester)  for the classes.  We have had acrylic painting, wood carving, 3D painting (sample shown below) and this month soap stone carving.  Come and enjoy the fun! 

Art Display at Lollies in Sparta

When you are visiting Sparta, IL be sure to dine at Lollies Cafe.  You will be eating good food with a family atmosphere.  This Good Friday and the month of April, I will be displaying some of my art work.  There are Aceo sets along with Giclee and originals.  All are available to purchase or for your own enjoyment while dinning. 

Classes starting up in Chester

This year my friend and Pastor has opened up her church in Chester for art classes through the Mississippi Valley Art Guild.  Guild members will be taking turns doing classes. Check out the latest at Mississippi Valley Art Guild Forum on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1427127870913683/  Also my Etsy shop is opened again.  I have started posting new items as well as top selling items.  Thank you for looking!

Added Teacher in Jewelry Making

Just got the approval to announce Liz Hatter will also be teaching Jewelry Design class.  Liz has a wonderful steampunk style that involves, stamping, riviting and cutting.  I think this is a class I want to be in for me!

Classes have begun 2015

As you already know the painting classes have already begun.  This is an exciting time for any artist who wants to learn more about art.  I now have the Jewelry Design page up and running.   So don't dismay if you are not tallented.  This page will let you purchase the item without taking the class.  Keep checking back for those great one of a kind gifts! 


Landscape class

Above are three samples of landscape classes for students.  While at Paper Moon the first picture is a study of a sunset.  The sunset clouds and forground can be modified to taste as you can see in the Art Classes - Studies.  The second picture is modified landscape and cloud study of  the 19th Century Artist Heade.  The woman, goats and sail boats were taken out. 

2015 Images of Studio Remodeling

Check out the photos of my remodeled studio for 2015 art classes in Meet The Artist.  You will see from the right of entering to the end of exiting.  I have areas for painting, jewelry design and for computer work. 


I am almost ready for classes in my home.  Delayed getting started due to flu season.  Have great plans to market a new jewelry design.  This will be a faith piece that can be worn by male or female.  Look for the marketing in McAllen, Texas.  Still working out the design of the information card and faith message.  Keep watching for the reveal. 

End of Year report

Mississippi Valley Art Guild meeting reported a good turn out at the Randolph County Court House for the Christmas Walk.  Met a lot of wonderful jewelers, artisans outside of the guild and artist in the Chester area that family founded the MVAG and painted the murals in Chester.   I brought in more with my jewelry than my prints. 


Paper Moon is closing.  I have Monday, Wednesday and Friday available for teaching art classes in January.  Any after that will be taught out of my home for now.  I will be moving cabinets from my studio and putting them in the basement for the jewelry design and office in the guest bedroom to make room for more easels.  


Designed a faith piece of jewelry in late November that I may be trying to market in McAllen, TX.  Very meaningful design that can include birthstone beads to make it more personal.  The design will include scripture and a paper explaining the meaning of the piece.  Look for it in 2015.


Closing my Etsy shop in 2015 for a while maybe for good.  May leave open a little while to sell supplies as I am going to try to concentrate on painting and art classes.  All my prints are still available for sale if anyone is interested.  Please contact me via e-mail.  Today is the last day to purchase through Etsy.  Have a lot of sales.  Any item that is not active that you would like to buy, contact me. 


New Info for 2015

New hours for classes.  Stay in touch for more detail.


December 2, 2014 

Christmas Walk

                                                            Friday December 5th from 5 pm to 9 pm

                                                            Saturday December 6th from 9 am to 5 pm

                                                            Sunday December  7th from 11am to 3 pm

Come join the Mississippi Valley Art Guild and others at Randolph County Courhouse, Chester, Illinois for the annual Christmas Walk.

Many crafters and vendors showing their products.  Great place to get your Christmas Shopping done!

See you there!

October 24, 2014

Disclaimer Note from the artist.

While editing pages, I came across It Is Finished.  I had originally checked the translate icon (select language) in testing it out.  After I had it translate in a different language and back into English, I learned the translation was not true when first edited and sense re-edited.  Please note language variations may not mean exactly as I intended.  For this I appologize.   

In Memory of Baby Girl

September 28, 2014


I will be posting a complete slide show as soon as I get the final edit of the painting and this amazing journey of Baby Girl.   


Thank you everyone for your continued following of Latest Projects.




September 3, 2014

Tomorrow I should be done with a special class at the Paper Moon for a special lady who bought my cockateal a year ago.  We have a common fondness for "Baby Girl"  and I am showing her a way to make a back drop so she can paint a portrait of her beloved bird who will be greatly missed.  This is a memorial Portrait and not your normal class.  Will show pictures of the finished products soon.

Exciting things happening this weekend September 6th.  You will find me at Chester Illinois with my friend Jeanne in front of Ol' Farmhouse Restaraunt from 10 a.m. to abt. 2 p.m.  We will be promoting the Mississippi Valley Art Guild to which I became a member August 28th.  If anyone from Southern Illinois is interested in joining, we meet last Thursday of each month at the Ol' Farmhouse Restaraunt at 6 p.m. on the right hand side before you get to the court house.  Bring a couple of your pieces of art for us to enjoy. 


After that I will be joining the church, friends and family to the Weber/Clerc wedding. Jeanine received a home made bridal bracelet at her shower that can be used for barefoot jewelry.  A perfect gift for brides.

Pictures above are from an Acrylic Party at Paper Moon on August 12, 2014.  Viewed from left to right Sunsets of the teacher, student #1 and student #2.  I think they did a great job!  Call Paper Moon and book a party.  Right now we have painting on Wednesdays and Fridays 12 - 3 p.m. or in the evening when requested.  We can take a party of 6.  You must Pre-register ahead at 618-449-2027.  There is a $10.00 non-refundable deposit.  (You may use your deposit for a different class within 30 days.)

August 7th, 2014 


Paper Moon offered the Sparta Sportsclub members a place for the ladies to come out while the men competed in the Trap Shoot Events.  I taught a class making Barefoot Jewelry/Gypsy Bracelets.  Jane invited her friend JoAnn from the Sports center to do this class with her.  The designs I had originally created for the class were not used.  Both of the ladies made their own designs.  JoAnn made a simple bracelet with matching earrings and Jane picked different components to make her bracelet/foot jewelry.  I must say, I wouldn't mind having one of these for myself!  I think she did a great job!

Art Parties at The Paper Moon

<< New text box >>

The picture shown above, was taken with the owner "Shelley Wolf" in the distant left. 


Please come to Paper Moon in Sparta to Register for Art Parties.  August we are launching the Art Parties with a Free "Get to know the Artist" day on August 5th.  On Thursday August 7th - Barefoot Jewelry.  August 12th Painting a Sunset with Acrylic and on August 14th - 2nd Amendment Jewelry.  Come and join the fun and get away from the back to school crazy blues!  See you there!



Paper Moon is scheduling ART PARTIES for groups.  We anticipate Girl Scouts, Bowling Leagues, Rotary Clubs, Small Groups, Engagement parties, Showers.  We will provide the Water, Snack, Music and place.  If you want, you can bring your own beverage.  You just come in and learn how to make fun and exciting things to decorate your house, use at home, help the wild life, make a fashion statement and more.  Parties will have kits for everyone to create their own unique work of art. 


Art Projects


Barefoot Sandals

Gypsy Bracelets

Necklace/Earring sets

Tile or Plate Art

Humming Bird Feeders

Tea light jars

Book Marks


Cost is anywhere from $30.00 to $45.00.  We request a minimum 2 week advance notice when you register and a $20.00 non-refundable deposit to cover all supplies required for the project and snacks.  The balance of cost for class party you choose when you arrive.  Please contact Paper Moon to see which class is currently available and price.


This will be a wonderful and fun filled day or evening that you will treasure for a life time.  Please contact Shelley Wolf at the Paper Moon at 1-618-449-2027 or come by the store and pre-register for your event at Paper Moon at 1371 Sparta Center, Sparta, IL  62286.  Paper Moon is across from Walmart and right next door to Glik's.  See you there!

Pastel Classes in May


Doing pastel classes in May at the Paper Moon.  Come and join us and see what we have going on. You will learn how different color paper will make your picture pop and easy steps that will look like you worked for hours.


2nd Amendment Jewelry and Silver Ware Jewelry


Check out the Paper Moon and find some of my 2nd Amendment jewelry made out of bullets - some with forks.  Are you curious?  I have some of these in my etsy shop.  Check them out today!







Gallery Information and Pictures



I am modifiying the gallery section of my web sight to include pictures not shown in the slide show and the history behind the picture.  This may take a while to finish as I will be adding some pictures from my youth that have never been seen before except for a handful of close friends or family. 



Begining March 27th, Paper Moon will be giving multi media art classes in the back of the store.  My first classes I will be teaching tile art.  Classes are from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.  Paper Moon is a local Sparta Illinois Store owned by Shelley Wolf.  Located across from Walmart in the Sparta Shoping Center next to Glik's store. 


Paper Moon is a card and gift shop that has many items on consignment.  There are a lot of hand made gifts in this store like photography, art, stained glass, jewelry and so much more.  There are some health products like homemade soaps for cleaning your body on the outside and there are juices to clean the inside.  Cheeze dips, bread mixes, jellys (Even Jallopeno) that will make you come back for more!  Wonderful candles that give you a sense of peace.



We are getting a lot of new visitors in the store that come in and love all the different things we offer.  If you are an artist and live locally in the Sparta area, please drop by and fill out the class and supply survey we have in the back.  This will help us know what our surrounding communities are in the most need of in the arts so we can stock up the shelves. 


Can't wait to see you there!



Buisiness Decision 3-1-14


To all Viewers and Customers,


    I have decided to make my web site an informational board for anyone who wants to know about me and the process of how my paintings were developed and where they can go to find my work for purchasing. 


    All my art that you are interested in will now be available only on Etsy.  I will have translations available in 5 additional languages.  You can directly buy ACEO cards, decoupage, Limited and Open Edition prints, some originals paintings and jewelry. 



    In addition to this, I will be creating tutorials in the future that you can see a brief sample on my web site.  Again you can only purchase on Etsy. 


    Thank you so much for your loyalty and looking forward to doing further business with you.




Deborah L. Thomas


Artisan and Founder of

D. L. Thomas Studios




2-25-14  I'm Back in the Saddle again.  Started working on portraits from class and nor more block.  I am currently back in my studio checking out product for the classes I will be teaching.  Sooooooo many mediums I will be using and having a blast learning as I go.  Will be very busy showing artist how to make something out of just about anything.  Will give a photo slide of some of my projects soon.  If things get real busy I know I will need to get an intern in here (Need Now) and later hire some people. 



1/10/14  It has been a while since I have been able to paint.  I have been taking portrait classes just to refresh my skills and hoping this will get me out of my block.  I think everything will be ok because I am at least having dreams about art, even if it has to do with polymer clay.  Have posters up for classes and maybe with other artist I will be able to start painting again.

Jewelry Update


1/10/14 I just designed a new pair of earrings and possibly necklace to match.  I had to take off the earrings called "Silver Rain" because the plated bead caps and beads were tarnishing faster than the 925 silver.   This also happened with a pair of earrings I did with 1mm 925 sterling.  The pinch silver plated ends and bead caps tarnished but the 925 sterling rope I used in the earring didn't.  Very frustrating.  Still like the design.  Have to change everything.  Live and learn.  Even Edison said he new a 1000 + ways how not to make a light bulb.  I will always be an artist trying new things.  


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Painting - You've Got a Friend

Interpretation of October 2018 and 2019 Dreams.

Commentary on the Corona Virus

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2018 and 2019 dreams.  The State of the church and state of the nation. A peek into 2020






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