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You can find me in Marissa,IL.  There are plans in the future for classes in Chester, IL.   Continue looking for updates on class times in other areas.  Just click on Latest Projects.

                               Past Exhibitions

2015 & Present

Lolly's Cafe

Sparta, IL


Pictures displayed currently


Butterfly Blue, Butterfly & Bee Balm, It Is Finished,  Emily and the Hybiscus,

Michelles Magic Place, The Dictator-The Bully, The Harvest, Hope



October 2015 Ad


Guild Advertisement for

Artist of the Month

October 2015



Pictures displayed at venues advertised that month.  




                            Chester Public Library - A Secret Place & Evening Glory        

                            Buena Vista National Bank - The Woman At the Well

                            Reids' Harvest House - Road to Emmaus & The Meeting Place



September 12th, 2015

Popeye Olive Oyl

Cafe Craft Show


Fun craft show at the St. Johns Parrish Hall in Chester Illinois. 








2014 December Christmas Walk in Chester, IL

Mississippi Valley Art Guild and other artist and vendors from local and surrounding areas joined together at the court house. 

Beautiful view over the river and many levels of exciting artwork, food and gifts.





After the death of my mother and aunt I did one more exhibition in 2011


2011 November - Le Sweet Caffe - Belleville, IL

Wine Tasting and Art

Featured: Original and prints of: It Is Finished, Jesus Directs the Fishermen, Thou Art The Man, Neuschwanstein Castle,

Islamorada Dreaming, She Can Do It, Butterly Blue, Butterfly and Bee Balm, The Havest, The Barn, Hope, Mary's River Covered Bridge,

and The Dictator - The Bully......Many More  


The owner/friend of the restaurant was not registered in this particular show so none of the art and jewelry sold by me and the other artist could be voted on.  The jeweler did very well that night.  I did get great reviews from one of the judges.  Too bad it didn't count.



2011 Spring - FCBC Members Craft Show

Featured:  Limited Edition Prints, Direct from the Artist Prints, Tile and Plate Art, Bullet necklaces, Originals Acrylic and Oil Paintings.  This would have been a sell out for everyone but unfortunately it was scheduled on the weekend of the city wide garage sale.  Not many came down the lane to check our goodies.

Emily and the Hibiscus




2010 Summer - Hall of Frames - Fairview Heights, IL

Annual show of June Kelly School of Fine Art

Featured:  Emily and the Hibiscus

2010 December - Our House Cafe  

Featured:  Limited Edition Prints, Direct from the Artist Prints and Note Cards


This show didn't do well at all, as an ice storm went through the area and roads were bad.                       ********************************************************************************                                 

2009 June Kelly School of Fine Art - O'Fallon, IL 

Featured:  Michelle's Magic Place and Randy's Lucky Day at show and desplayed on this page.


My first exhibition were of husband and wife.  Michelle new something was up, but Randy had no idea I did one of him until his son ran to him to tell him there was a painting of him.  It was a special day for all of us.



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To get in touch, please use my online form www.dlthomasstudios.com/contact me. Due to influx of robo calls I can not provide a number before initial contact via e-mail.  Please, no solicitations.   This is for those who genuinly are interested in purchasing or learning more about my artwork.  Thank you for understanding.

E-Mail:  dlthomasstudios@gmail.com

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What's New?

Painting - You've Got a Friend

Interpretation of October 2018 and 2019 Dreams.

Commentary on the Corona Virus

https://dlthomasstudios.com/gallery/You've Got a Friend/






2018 and 2019 dreams.  The State of the church and state of the nation. A peek into 2020






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