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Upcycled Cigar Box

After making rings lately, I remembered I had cigar boxes I was saving to make jewelry boxes out of.  The first thing I had to do was remove all visable lables.  I used felt for the liner originally on this box but later you will see how I turned it into a ring box.  I had an image on a stamp I picked out for this project and had to remove the black paint in order to transfer the image for wood burning.  I found that Goof Off works perfect and you can remove it in layers.  After I transfered the image and burned in the lines I took a Q tip and dipped it into Goof Off and removed more of the finish of the flowers, leaves and humming bird to make it pop with a semi dark back drop. 

I decided to use 3/4 inch Backer Rod that you can get at a hardware store to seal cracks or windows etc.  It worked perfect for making the slots for the rings.  I also got an old pair of velvet pants from the 70's I used for the material and glued each side of the rod with a glue stick/hot glue ok too.  When all put together I placed it back in the box and used a credit card to tuck the sides and in between each rod.  For the lid I chose an antique broquet design and just glued it with a glue stick.  I didn't want to use mod podge because I wanted the old trunk look.  I think it turned out pretty good. 

If it wasn't for the availability of Jewelry design while I had my painters block, I would probably not be able to cope very well without the outlet of creation. It was another way to use my imagination. 

Here you have a chance to see past designs and be the first to see the latest.  Keep checking back the For Sale Section when it is available. (Still under construction)  Any piece you would like to buy, you need to contact me so I can make it available to you through my Etsy Shop. 

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