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This page is a sampling of items that you can learn in my studio classes.  We teach Barefoot/Gypsy Jewelry, custom pendants with your own photographs and so much more. Some of these classes like Polymer Clay and other polymer pendants may take a whole month as I will be teaching not only different methods but different steps that require a curing time.  Class will be loaded with Do's and Do-Not's.  This is so you do not waste your time trying something that does not work.  Class is always open for experimenting.  Please note that some classes my include computer skills with adobe and microsoft publishers.  This is taught and included with the price.  Should you desire to use an image already available in the studio,  a discount is available.  Prices can range from $15.00 per 2 hr class to $35.00 per 3 hr class.   All tools and material are included.




Customized Purse Hangers

Purse hangers can be custom made with your own photograph or designed with scrap paper and transfers.  You can learn other items you never dreamed of to make your design unique.  Computer skills with adobe and microsoft publisher is required and taught.  Class is $20.00 per 2 1/2 hour session. 

Customized Pendants

You will be learning how to customize a pendant by with the choice of your pictures.  Picture shown here is a picture of a dear mother.  The pendant is customized with chains and added birthstones of children/grandchildren.  Added to the embelishment is a heart charm.  Each pendant can then be added to any chain/leather necklace.  This is a multi step class and cost is $30.00 per 3 Hour class.  Computer skills with Adobe and Microsoft publisher is required and taught.

Fork jewelry

Fork pendants can be customized with so many different elements.  Picture shown includes a polymer clay heart, key and heart charms.  This class can also be incorporated with the Polymer Clay month.  You can switch the sentiment with key, heart and (picture of baby).  Sky is the limit.  Class is $20.00 for 2 1/2 hour session.

Polymer clay jewelry

Part of the Polymer Clay classes you will be taught how to make jewelry using stamps, cutouts, filigree metal elements, molds and more.  This one month class is more extensive and requires the use of the oven.   Cost is $30.00 per 3 hour class.  All materials and tools are supplied.

Barefoot/Gypsy Jewelry

Barefoot jewelry or Gypsy bracelets are fun and challenging to do.  Class is $35.00 for a 3 hour session.  Each piece can be custom designed by the artist.  Materials are included. 

Gypsy Bracelet design


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To get in touch, please use my online form www.dlthomasstudios.com/contact me. Due to influx of robo calls I can not provide a number before initial contact via e-mail.  Please, no solicitations.   This is for those who genuinly are interested in purchasing or learning more about my artwork.  Thank you for understanding.

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