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The Path

This design originally was for a womens bathroom.  It originally was for a dark grey wall.  Unfortunately the design did not agree with the original plan, so it was scrapped and was placed in storage with other paintings.  Most of this painting was created with a sea sponge going in a circle starting with the lighter colors and then into darker colors.  Some of the fine detail was used with a brush.  Hope you like it.





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To get in touch, please use my online form www.dlthomasstudios.com/contact me. Due to influx of robo calls I can not provide a number before initial contact via e-mail.  Please, no solicitations.   This is for those who genuinly are interested in purchasing or learning more about my artwork.  Thank you for understanding.

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2018 and 2019 dreams.  The State of the church and state of the nation. A peek into 2020






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