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The first thought for this design was in 2003.  I began working on the painting with an acrylic base in September of 2008.  My personal struggle with this painting was the temple accuracy.  The book of Ezra didn’t give enough information like the temple of Solomon was detailed and it was very hard to get both the view of the veil ripping and the crucifixion scene at the same time.

It became clear to me later that the accuracy of the temple design was not what God wanted me to capture here.  It was the atmosphere of the day when Jesus was crucified and what happened after He gave up His spirit that was important.  The gathering of sheep for sale for the sacrifices, travelers coming in for the festivals, horrendous black clouds that occurred, the earthquake and the veil tearing in half from top to bottom when Jesus cried out “IT IS FINISHED”. 

That veil was 4 inches thick! When it tore in half it represented that there would be  NO MORE WALLS between us and God.

Although the Bible did not say there was a storm; it did not say there wasn’t one.  Storms usually follow horrendous black clouds.    I had great difficulty showing the earthquake.   My mother suggested I show a broken vessel in the temple.  The bible said there was no damage to the temple.  So I made it look like there was something spooking the soldier’s horse by having it rear up and the two nervous priests sitting up in a cot and/or looking out the door and window.

The white dove represents the Holy Spirit being released and the three beams of light represents the Holy Trinity gathered together. 

While I was painting the lamb in the clouds, on the right side of the sun, the lamb kept changing into a baby lion.  I would change it back, blended a little and it would change back into a lion.  When I realized how I was blending around the eye area it dawned on me the position of the eyes for a predator is straight forward and a prey is toward the side of the head.  Just like Jesus first came to us as a lamb and when He comes back He will be like a Lion and the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.   

You Tube Video Good Friday  Note:  Be sure to raise your quality setting to HD if possible.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ssq3x0cr5j8&feature=youtu.be



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