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Thou Art The Man

Thou Art The Man took 12 hours to design and a total of 82 Hrs. to complete.  I photographed members from my church.  For David (James) and Nathan (Randy).


I wanted to give everyone an idea what it may have looked like on the moonlit portico when David first saw Bathsheba.  While looking off into his kingdom David could easily see the building where Bathsheba lived and was bathing.  How enchanting the evening was to the point of acting on his lustful wants instead of fighting with his men where he should have been. 


The expression on Nathans face when he accused David of murder and adultery had to be fierce.  My model Randy had the perfect face for that because when he looks at you sternly you feel like he is drilling a hole into you.  Very intimidating.  I wanted to depict David as almost ready to pass out from what Nathan was saying or in the middle of getting off his thrown to meet Nathans accusations.   It was funny watching James model each expression.


I kept trying to make Nathan point with his right hand but it wouldn't work with his face looking at David.  It looked too contorted.  Easy fix.  Show the front part open and switch arm that was holding the staff and change the hands. 


At first I was going to have a painting behind David when he killed Goliath but my husband didn't think David would display the death of his enemy like that.  I agreed and in it's place I put tapestry of one of his successful battles and a shield on the wall with swords.  Larger sword of Goliath of Philistine given to him from the Priest Ahimelelech after feeding David and his men Holy Bread while fleeing from Saul.



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