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The Woman at the Well



The Woman at the Well


My journey in this painting began in grade school.  When there were real black boards to do your math problems and special occasions to draw.  Our old gradeschool had two grades sharing the same room through out the school from 1st grade to 6th grade.  We were all given special paper taped onto the black boards and given tempra water colors to paint whatever we wanted to.  My favorite two pictures I painted time and time again were swans and water wells.  

Fast forward from 1963 to 2012 I began painting The Woman at the Well.  By August 8, 2012 I had a really nice start and several hours into the painting with many interesting views.  By May 6, 2013 I started to change the painting and got an artist block.  I forced myself to paint anyway that I ended up destroying the painting because it looked so bad. Over 20 hours down the drain.

I began learning how to do other mediums of art like jewelry, polymer clay, tile art..... What ever I could do that didn't make me feel threatened that I would mess up. 

I began designing the next painting August 17, 2014 took a break after August 27, 2014 and put in one more hour the day after Christmas.  Totalling 19 1/2 hours. 

In February I painted for 6 1/2 hours then put it down again until this July 3rd.  Finally completeing this painting after a total of about 63 hours. 

Notice the long periods of doing nothing.  I was petrified that this too would end up in the trash heap. 

I originally placed the desciples going into town without any models.  You see how their form had changed in the end. 

As you can see the Samaritan woman is not showing her face.  To me she is representing all women who have chosen her path.  She also represents our redemption and Gods forgiveness and grace. 

Jesus was originally modeled by Lucas, a guitarist from church.  I had to use him at first because I couldn't get hold of my  nephew who I originally wanted for this painting.  Later that was possible and it helped me greatly in structuring the shadows of the robe and facial features.  I only needed a model for Jesus face.  This is not supposed to be an exact likeness of our nephew Joshua.  I will be using Lucas photo for a future painting as James the twin of John.

If you notice the three crosses shadowed from the palm trees on Jesus head representing the coming calvary. 

Remember the joy the samaritan woman had when she discovered who Jesus was.  The whole village was affected by what Jesus had said to her.  He offers living water were you will never thirst again.


Read John 4:1-30  Go to Creative Writing/Childrens Stories for "Jacobs Well"



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